For mergers, we built the first Crypto GmbH in Germany.

UAC Holding GmbH is the first limited liability company in the European Union, whose nominal capital has been paid 100% with a crypto currency (YEM). In a procedure that lasted several months, a German audit firm prepared a value assessment, which was fully recognized by the responsible registration court. In addition to the nominal capital of 50,000 euros, a total of 120 million euros was paid to the Rainbow Currency (YEM) in UAC Holding GmbH.

This capital serves as the basis for investments in all business areas that help us realize our vision for a better future. Our focus is not on profit, but on people and the planet we live on.

However, we work for profit, because money is indispensable when it comes to constantly achieving our goals. Our next step is the merger with an active stock company listed on the Frankfurt CDAX.

Our vision

Imagine a world where everyone has access to clean drinking water, healthy food and an effective health system.
✓✓A world where cars, real estate, tools and more can be easily shared thanks to blockchain technology.
✓✓A world where financial transactions are executed safely and in seconds.
✓✓A world where everyone pays their fair share of taxes.
✓✓A world in which athletes and artists are promoted.
✓✓A world in which people with similar thinking can run projects together, even if they are physically separated from one another.
✓✓A world in which every building and every vehicle is delivered with electricity.
✓✓A world in which rents are accessible and property is supported.
✓✓A world in which everyone is respectful –
Welcome to the future!